Evelyn is a talented and creative makeup artist based in Taiwan. She got the highest level of professional beauty certification in Taiwan, and had amazing experience worked for Bobbi Brown.

She has a strong aspiration explore further different area of makeup skill. Therefore, she moved to London to complete professional beauty, fashion, special effects and prosthetic makeup course at Delamar Academy of Makeup and Hair.

From then on, she performed delicate and high-level fashion makeup and hair services for advertisements, commercials, editorials and brides. She also worked as a beauty education training role for the company. She never stops striving for delicate and imaginative creations.

​Evelyn是個具有天份與創造力的彩妝師,考取台灣國家美容乙丙級執照後,在Bobbi Brown擔任彩妝師,進而培訓專業的化妝技能。


由於渴望深入瞭解更廣泛的化妝技能,搬到倫敦並在Delamar Academy of Makeup and Hair完成時尚與特效彩妝的課程,提供高階細膩的時尚妝髮服務於各式平面動態商業廣告、時裝雜誌與新娘造型等領域,也曾擔任美妝教育講師。追求作品的精緻度與創造力是她努力不懈的目標。